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Most Realistic Voice Generator Text To Speech 400+ Voices helps your audio sound natural and expressive. Your audience will hear voices that sound like real people, full of emotion. Spend less time editing and more time creating with clear, high-quality sound.

High-Quality Text to Speech

AI Voice Realistic Voice Emotion Based

Are you just looking for neural voice, or a voice-over that makes your story stand out? We offer a range of curated voice talents that all work properly.

Select Language and Voice

Select proper language to get voices trained on that particular language.

Type your Script

Add scripts that needs to be converted into speech.

Listen and Download

Listen the realistic voice and download for reuse on your projects.

Listen To Some Demo Voices From Ai Voice!

Adam Ai Voice

Indian - Confident - Middle Aged

Serena Ai Voice

Serena Ai Voice

Hindi Indian - Deep - Narrative

Radha Ai Voice Profile Pic

Radha Ai Voice

Hindi Indian - Deep - Story

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Create Voices in Single Click with AI Power

Turn your dialogues into effective sound. No need to pay for female voice. Just use your Ai Voice account and creates effective voices.

Voiceover YouTube Videos, Shorts, Reels & Even Ads

People Think I Use A Professional Voiceover Artist.
NO! I Just Use Ai Voice!

Ai Voice Spoke Person

No Limitation on Premium Voices

Some companies limit the voices on small subscription packs and user feels limited. We do not limit any language or voices. 

Generate Voiceover in seconds

AI Voice generator is revolutionizing the way sound is created. AI Voice can create voiceovers for YouTubers, Marketers, Tutorials, social media and more.

Sext To Speech

Single script many voices. Change your text into realistic voices.

Listen and Synthesize

Keep changing voices and languages until your satisfaction.

Start with 99 /- only

You will not feel voice limitations on small plans.

Plenty of Voices

Want a National Geographic style voice?
No problem! You can find plenty AI text to speech voices for that in

Most Affordable

Our Plans start with small that can easily be afforded.

Video Creators

Most video creators are using Ai Voice on regular basis.

The awards won by our works.

AiVoice helps your audio sound natural and expressive. Your audience will hear voices that sound like real people, full of emotion. Spend less time editing and more time creating with clear, high-quality sound.

Meet our Happy Clients

The Right Plan for Transparent Pricing

We have several powerful plans to showcase your business and get discovered as a creative entrepreneurs. Everything your need.


All these great features for just INR 99 Only.

6500 chars/Month
Personal dashboard
150+ Human-Sounding AI
Ticket Base Support

₹ 99


These Monthly plans are far better than other costly plans. Youtubers and Video Creators choose this plan.

25000 Characters/Month
Neural-Emotion AI engine
150+ Human-Sounding AI
Chat Support

₹ 199


You will need more characters to create more. We have more to offer. Get this plan only if you hunger is bigger.

34,930 Characters/Month
Professional Voices, No limitation
Unlimited Voices
Chat Support and personal call

₹ 499

Any Questions?
We have Answers!

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What is AI What is AiVoice tool?

AiVoice is an advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that allows users to convert written text into spoken words using a variety of voices and languages provided by top TTS vendors like ElevenLab, Amazon Polly, Google, and Azure.

How does AiVoice work?

AiVoice leverages APIs from leading TTS services. Users input text into our web portal, select their desired voice character, and generate high-quality audio. The generated speech can be played, paused, stopped, and downloaded directly from the website.

What are the differences between the subscription plans?

The subscription plans differ in terms of the number of characters available, the usage limits, and additional features. Higher-tier plans offer more character choices, greater usage limits, and premium features such as high-quality voice options and priority support.

Can I change my subscription plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time from your account dashboard. The changes will take effect immediately, and the billing will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I download the generated speech?

Yes, once the speech is generated, you will have the option to download the audio file directly to your device

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